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About Us

Who We Are

Hi, I’m Ed Talley. Welcome to Talley Security Website. We specialize in the best Self Defense Personal Protection Products on the Market.

We pride ourselves in excellent customer service to every customer each and every time.

I’ve lived in Flagstaff AZ for 47 years and selling Self Defense Products for 30 years.

If you’re a convenient store owner interested in selling pepper spray, you are at the right place. We are here to help you Join the War on Crime.

I empower business owners to help their customers protect themselves and their loved ones. 

CRIME is on an increase.  Every day, we read about it and hear about it on the news.

                                                          CRIME is the PROBLEM

                           Selling Pepper Sprays to your customers is the SOLUTION

 Be a Hero by providing protection and Peace of Mind. Show your customers you care about their Safety and Security.

 Having Personal Protection Pepper Sprays or Stun Guns will make a difference in someone’s Life or even SAVE a Life from an Attacker. Be a Hero. 

Send me a text to 928-699-0104 for more information.

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